Friday, 2 September 2016

TCS Placement Papers - Test Pattern and Preparation Tips

TCS Placement Papers will generally have three sections:
a) Quantitative Aptitude
b) Verbal
c) Critical Reasoning
Thirty questions can be expected from quantitative aptitude. Questions would be from areas like numbers, ratios, percentages, prime numbers, factors, HCF, LCM, surds, indices, distance, and time and speed. Preparing with good higher secondary mathematics books can help one to get equipped. This section is very easy compared to the other two sections and getting 30 out of 30 is achievable with good preparation and practice.
As said above, to prepare for quantitative aptitude questions one has to read the chapters, remember the formulas as well as practice those questions. Formulas can save crucial time during placement test. The questions on this section would be straightforward and not tricky unlike other placement papers like Infosys paper which is prone to contain tricky puzzles.
To practice for quantitative aptitude you can refer to previous TCS placement papers collected from your seniors and friends. Also you can try online TCS placement papers.
Verbal section will have 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms. There will a reading comprehension and fill in the blanks section as well. Any good grammar book can be referred to prepare for verbal section. GRE and TOEFL books can be referred as well. They can at least help you to answer synonyms and antonyms section. Other than synonyms and antonyms other questions would be easy.
Critical reasoning will closely resemble that of GRE papers. These questions will have a paragraph and atleast ten questions from the passage that require logical thinking and grasping.

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